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Over 4 Decades in Construction.

We build from the Ground up

With Echelon Creative, Inc., you get the benefit of generations of experience and decades of hands-on work. We have worked hard to establish relationships with some of the industry’s best subcontractors, consultants, and suppliers, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the best the product, always. More importantly – we listen to you, the client, to ensure your vision becomes a reality.  
Our work has been awarded numerous accolades from industry peers. We have established lasting relationships with our clients by building trust through exceptional performance and exceeding expectations. This attitude is instilled in each member of our team, whether they are in the office or on site. When you choose Echelon Creative, Inc. for your project, you will have chosen a builder that you can trust and results you can see.


Our Specialties

Echelon Creative, Inc. is a group of Vancouver Island based construction companies focusing on commercial project management, land development opportunities, civil infrastructure, and pre-manufactured homes. Our staff are specialized and dedicated to many aspects of the construction industry, primarily focusing on Commercial, Civil or Land Development projects. Our Project Management services, and prime contractor duties, are what sets us apart from the rest ensuring a high quality of standard is met from the pre-construction stage of your project to Occupancy. We build from the ground up, and can confidently take on any project to take your vision and to bring it into existence.


Infrastructure, Commercial and Institutional construction projects are key to our diversifying and growing business. From Waste Water Treatment Plants to Gas Stations, our commercial projects cover a wide range of development.



We build from the ground up, or the ground down! We specialize in many Civil Services, and with over 4 decades of experience in civil infrastructure, our team is committed to ensuring all needs are being met, from when the first shovel breaks ground.

Land Development and Project Management

Echelon Creative Inc.'s personnel have specific expertise in all stages of project and land development from initial speculation and design, working through the permitting process with local municipalities, and effective project management and sub-trade coordination during construction.

VIREB Commercial Building Award

Award of Excellence

We are very happy to announce that our commercial project: Snaw-Naw-As Market; has been successful with the Award of Excellence in the Retail category through the VIREB Commercial Building Awards.


Echelon Creative, Inc. has recently acquired Gordon’s Modular Homes Sales – a local, well established, award-winning  Modular Home Sales company. This acquisition further solidifies our goal of maintaining a high standard of quality and customer service.


The newest addition to our group! PacRim Log Structures specializes in pre-fabricated timber structures imported from Europe. These units offer a wide range of uses from cabins/chalets, sheds, gazebos, man-caves/she-sheds, hot tubs, tiny homes and more. 


Feedback is incredibly important to us! Testimonials and Reviews of our business further help us to assist our clients through our day-to-day operations, which ultimately helps us to grow our business. We are very fortunate for the great customers that we have worked with, and encourage reviews to ensure we are providing the best service. 

Working with EC [EC’s Project managers]are reasonable and rational individuals to deal with on a daily basis. They are generous with ideas, creative with solutions and maintain an aura of cooperation onsite with everyone involved in the project. They seem to take real pride in seeing done well 


David BootsmanArchitect for Iredale Architecture

Echelon Creative successfully completed the Burgoyne Bay Septage Receiving Station Project and proved to be a very professional and capable contractor. Should the circumstance arise to award a similar scope contract to Echelon Creative in the future, I would not hesitate to do so.


Malcom Cowley P.Eng – CRD re: Project Delivery

Value Engineering [EC Estimator] was extremely thorough with his work as the estimator during the tender, and again during the value engineering phase, all of which contributed to getting the project off the ground when we were looking at how to bring the numbers down to a manageable figure


David BootsmanArchitect for Iredale Architecture

Project Delivery [EC PM/Estimator] has consistently impressed me with his thoroughness, thoughtfulness andintegrity throughout the project, early on from the tender process towhere we are now,almost complete.


David BootsmanArchitect for Iredale Architecture

Terrific contractor! I highly recommend this company without reservation.


Stan Spencer Stantec Consulting

If you are a previous or current client, we would LOVE to hear your feedback through our Google Business Listing, and to see photos of your completed project! Please follow the link below to provide us with a review of your experience.

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